Animal Centered Design

Design thinking is a particular approach to problem solving that follows a structure and a set of rules. I have dedicated a great portion of my career to using design thinking to make life better for people. Though working with people continues to drive me, I am now looking to uncover what design thinking could do when we apply it to work with animals. How about Animal Centered Design?

I wish I had taken this.. but I didn't [sigh] Credit: Yuzuru Masuda/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


This is still a work in process, but here are a few ideas of how Animal Centered Design could be applied:

  • How might we encourage more people to opt for pet adoption at shelters and rescues over buying animals at pet stores?

  • How might we design pet products that help people understand and embrace basic dog training that can have lifelong positive effects and minimize dog surrender?

  • How might we make service dog training facilities to facilitate faster, better training?

  • How might we rethink the animal adoption process to improve animal matchmaking?

Have any ideas? Let’s talk! I’m eager to experiment and combine my experience in design with my passion for animals. Reach out to me below:

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